Road Milling Machine K100F Suitable for Asphalt and Concrete Pavement

Used for Grinder and Milling of Asphalt and Concrete Pavement, Also Call Cold Planer Or Road Grinding Machine.

Road Milling Machine K100F Suitable for Asphalt and Concrete Pavement

K100F road milling machine is mainly applied for maintenance and renovation of the asphalt pavement surfaces. It can handle small-scale operations such as expressways, airport runways, ports, harbors, and texturing of cement roads. You can also use it for milling of the galling defects, dislocation of asphalt surfaces, excavate pavement pit slots, and grooves.

Additionally, K100F can effectively remove the upheaval, oil wave, cob webbing, and rutting. With milling width at 1,000mm and maximum milling depth at 300mm, K100F is a perfect asphalt milling machine. Its milling drum is mechanically driven, and its traveling system adopts a fully-hydraulic four-wheel drive.

With the technologic orientation and configuration equivalent with German Wirtgen W100, this product is definitely one of the high-end models among the china like products. It offers high working efficiency, simple construction technology, and excellent maneuvering performance. It’s an ideal machine for the maintenance and renovation of all kinds of asphalt surfaces.

The Main Technical Parameters:
Engine:C9DK 220G3QSB5S.9-C210-30
Max Milling Width1020mm
Max Milling Depth 200mm
Mumber Of Tools 89
Diameter 860mm
Operating Speed 0-40m/Min
Travel Speed 0-7km/H
Tradeability 50%
Ground Clearance 200mm
Min Turning Radius 1.8m
Operating Weight 14500kg
Fuel Tank 260L
The Water Tank 700L
Overall Machinery 9600x2250x3220mm

Road Milling Machine


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